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For commercial painting services in the Paramus & Woodlake Cliff, NJ or Pearl River, NY areas, call on the team at Koury Painting & Power Washing.

Painting Services Paramus, NJ
Painting Services Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Painting Services Pearl River, NY

Maintain Your Company's Professional Presentation

with Our Commercial Painting Services

Painting Services for Businesses in Paramus, NJ; Woodcliff Lake, NJ; & Pearl River, NY

Koury Painting & Power Washing provides businesses in the Pearl River, NY; Paramus, NJ; and Woodcliff, NJ areas with reliable and affordable commercial painting services. View our list of services below then give our team a call to schedule your project.


  • Quality Paint We apply superior quality paint products evenly, with proper thickness and uniformity in appearance, color and sheen; without runs, streaks or bear spots.
  • Wall Finishes - Decorative wall coverings, spray textured wall finishes or multi-spec coatings
  • Wall Boards - Installation of gypsum wall board - includes repair or replacement from water damage or routine wear and tear.
  • Acoustical tile refinishing
  • Masonry Services - Application of block fillers, epoxy or elastomeric coatings to warehouse and cinder block walls.
  • Commercial Warehouse Space - Application of dryfall to commercial ceilings that dramatically enhances lighting.


  • Siding - Expert paint application of protective finishes to vinyl, aluminum, stucco, cementious, masonry and dryvitt siding. The proper color and sheen evenly and uniformly applied, without leaving streaks or bear spots.
  • Waterproofing - The application of waterproof and silicone sealants. The use of caulking around doors, windows or other joints and fitted areas that facilitate the seal between materials that serve as an aid in waterproof systems.
  • Elastomeric Coating - Coating systems protecting surfaces from water, chemicals, and weathering from the elements by only allowing internal moistures to escape, and keeping water out of the structure.
  • Efflorescence - The removal of efflorescent, the unsightly white salt crystal deposits on cementious wall surfaces, followed by the application of appropriate sealants to maintain aesthetics.

Power Washing

  • Cleaning Agents - We use heavy-duty biodegradable surfactants and mildicides that effectively kill fungus, mildew and mold.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment - We utilize modern, well-maintained equipment, highlighted by a state-of-the-art lift that helps us work safely over 20ft in the air. The lift works on a slope allowing for access to hard-to-reach locations. We use mats so there is no landscape damage.  We are able to apply coatings without stop or start marks and the lift enables us to access all of our tools easily.
  • Commercial Building Exteriors - We power wash buildings, office complexes, storefronts and parking garages to restore the original fresh appearance.  We also service industrial floors, sidewalks and dumpster areas for a clean look.
  • Paint Removal - We can completely remove mold and mildew, as well as graffiti, dirt, grease, loose or flaking paint and other contaminants.

With Koury Painting, you get:

  • Short estimate response time.
  • Consultation to discuss color and coating, complete with a variety of color samples to check.
  • Availability to work nights and weekends.
  • Your project completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.