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The experts at Koury Painting & Power Washing are your source for quality residential painting services in Westwood, NJ; Ramsey, NJ & Pearl River, NY.

Painting Services Westwood, NJ
Painting Services Ramsey, NJ
Painting Services Pearl River, NY

Residential Painting Services That Treat Your Property With Care

The Preferred Painting Service of Homeowners in Westwood, NJ; Ramsey, NJ; & Pearl River, NY

When your home could use a touch up, call the residential painting experts at Koury Painting & Power Washing. See for yourself what makes us the preferred painting service of countless home owners in the Westwood, NJ; Ramsey, NJ; and Pearl River, NY areas.

Interior Painting and decorating

  • Quality Paints - We apply superior quality paint products – applied evenly with proper thickness and uniformity in appearance, color and sheen; without runs, streaks or bare spots.
  • Wall Coverings - We apply all types of decorative wall coverings.
  • Trim Work - Installation of crown moldings, decorative moldings, door frames and window casings. Creative design and installation of wall panels and wainscoting.

EXTERIOR Painting and Siding

  • Siding - We apply superior quality paint products to vinyl, aluminum, stucco, wood shingles, clapboard and dryvitt siding. Restoration of weathered aluminum and vinyl sidings with a brilliant acrylic coating.
  • Protective Coatings - We apply all types of protective finishes and stains.
  • State-of-the-Art Lift - We use a state of the art lift that enables us to handle jobs over 20ft without leaning on your home. Regardless of property slope, we are able to set up the lift with no damage to your lawn.

Power Washing

  • Services - We clean homes, roofs, decks and patios and wash pool areas, walkways and masonry steps.  We offer complete removal of mold, mildew, dirt and loose paint.
  • Slate Roofs - Slate roof cleaning and maintenance experts. Using our lift, we are able to clean the slate and replace cracked or missing pieces, when necessary. 
  • Field Stone Cleaning - We apply and use safely heavy-duty chemicals to clean your field stone and make it look like new.

With Koury Painting, you get:

  • Complete color and coating consultation – will provide a large variety of oversized samples allowing for easy color selection.
  • Careful and thorough prep work, often the most important and time-consuming step in the paint process.
  • Special attention in selection of the right shine and finish leading to uniformity in appearance, color and sheen with lines between colors being extremely straight, sharp and true.
  • A final inspection to correct any imperfections to guarantee a perfect job every time.